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     Direct Connect
DirectConnect Logo"NeoModus Direct Connect is a file-sharing client for Windows and Mac users that
provides file-sharing capabilities for any type of file within a hub-centric, peer-to-peer network.

NeoModus Direct Connect is a community-driven type of network and client. Chat capabilites are a central part of the client, and the users of the client exert a direct management of the network and the files they share. Users often create smaller, specialized hubs catering to particular user groups or types of files, and these hubs are generally much smaller that other types of file-sharing networks.

NeoModus Direct Connect has inspired the creation of open-source versions of the client, such as DC++ . DC++ itself has several specialized spin-off open-source versions as well, such as BCDC++ and CZDC++, which are refined with features particular to user groups, such as filters, language packs, and search capabilities." --Wikipedia

Direct Connect's anonymity is in it's ability to make private hubs. Private hubs are basically as safe as the members in them. If you use Direct Connect to connect to one of the many public hubs, then Direct Connect is no safer then any other normal P2P program.

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