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Exosee Logo"ExoSee is a communication system for public or private file sharing, easy to use with advanced features such as : Private Folders, Favorite-Users Xtra Folders, Users list in a built-in Explorer, Fast transferts speed, File-Send and more.

Exosee is a unique private file sharing software. It has no central network and you can choose and
select the Networks/Communities you want to join.
You have also the possibility to create your own Network for your community members.

ExoSee Features :

  • Multi-communities - You can run simultaneously up to 4 Networks/Communities at same time
  • Private folders - Share privatly the folders and files you want only with the favorite users you want !
  • File-Send - You can directly send any file from PC to a user with a fast speed
  • Built-in Explorer
  • Communities web browsing
  • Community XOC-Links database
  • Chat (private)
  • 100% Peer-To-Peer - No central server! direct user-to-user
  • Router/NAT support
  • LAN (Local Area Network) support
  • Control of downloads/uploads
  • Resume of downloads - Auto-resume incompleted files
  • No Ads. No Spywares. 100% CLEAN
  • Freeware" --Exosee
ExoSee's anonymity is in it's ability to make private communities and private folder for favorite-users only. Private communities are basically as safe as the members in them. If you use ExoSee to connect to one of the public communities, then ExoSee is no safer then any other normal P2P program.

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