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Freenet Logo"Freenet is free software designed to ensure true freedom of communication over the Internet. It allows anybody to publish and read information with complete anonymity. Nobody controls Freenet, not even its creators, meaning that the system is not vulnerable to manipulation or shutdown. Freenet is also very efficient in how it deals with information, adaptively replicating content in response to demand.

Freenet grew out of a design for an anonymous publication system created by Ian Clarke while a student at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Since then many other people have contributed towards making Ian's proposal a reality." --Freenet Project

"Freenet is currently undergoing a major re-write incorporating a number of fundamental changes. Version 0.7, the latest as of 31st May 2006, aims to create a scalable darknet, where users only connect directly to other users they know and trust. The purpose of this change is to protect users who may be placed at risk simply by using the software, irrespective of what they are using it for. In the new model, users will choose to whom they connect, and only those users will know that they are running the software. Previous darknets, such as WASTE, have been limited to relatively small disconnected networks. The core innovation in Freenet 0.7 will be to allow a globally scalable darknet, capable of supporting millions of users. This is made possible by the fact that human relationships tend to form small-world networks, a property that can be exploited to find short paths between any two people. The work is based on a speech given at DEF CON 13 by Ian Clarke and Swedish mathematician Oskar Sandberg." --Wikipedia

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"Frost is a file-sharing tool for Freenet, it also has chat forums which allow people to chat anonymously over Freenet. It now supports FEC (which makes downloads more reliable)." --Freenet Project

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