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    Anonymous file sharing and communication.      
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General Info
     Wikipedia: Anonymous P2P
     Wikipedia: Friend-to-friend
     Wikipedia: Private P2P
     Wikipedia: Comparison of File Sharing Applications
     Wikipedia: Darknet
     Wikipedia: Proxy Server
     Wikipedia: Anonymous remailer
     Planet Peer Anonymous Filesharing Wiki
     Got Root

Papers & Publications
     Anonymous P2P (Direneeds)
     Free Haven's Anonymity Bibliography
     Free Haven's Papers and Publications
     Cashmere: Resilient Anonymous Routing
     Anonymous Communication at SecurityForest
     Anonymous Publication at SecurityForest
     A Survey of Anonymous Peer-two-Peer File-Sharing
     A Security Review of an Anonymous Peer-to-Peer File Transfer Protocol (pdf format)
     How to disappear completely: A survey of private peer-to-peer networks (pdf format)
     The Darknet and the Future of Content Distribution
     "I've Got Nothing to Hide" and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy
     Herbivore: A Scalable and Efficient Protocol for Anonymous Communication (pdf format)

More Info
     Wikipedia: Onion Routing
     Wikipedia: Dining Cryptographers Protocal
     Wikipedia: Steganography

Anonymous P2P in Action
     China News on Freenet

     797 domains on Finnish Internet censorship list, including censorship critic, 2008
     Denmark: 3863 sites on censorship list, Feb 2008
     1,203 new websites censored by Thailand
     Thailand official MICT censorship list, 20 Dec 2008

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