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Gazzera Logo"Welcome to Gazzera! Gazzera is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing application where you only connect to people you trust. It is targeted at groups of real life friends that wants to share files securely.

Differently from public networks like edonkey and gnutella, strangers cannot spy you!

It runs on different platforms (Windows and Linux) and architectures. It has a nice GTK interface and uses SSL to encrypt your data.

  • Encrypted
    Secure, encrypted protocol based on OpenSSL.
  • Fiend to Friend (F2F) (See Note)
    Let only your friend share your files.
  • Trust based system
    Assign a trust level to your friend, and let their friend connect too.
  • UPNP support
    Gazzera will take advantage to UPNP to deal with firewalls. No more manual opening.
  • Multisource and partial download
    Download the same file from more than one friend, and from people who are downloading it too.
  • Lightweight
    Resources are not wasted. This program uses very little CPU and RAM. Try and compare it with other programs!
  • Cross-platform
    It works on Linux and Windows (Mac support should require only minor work, help wanted)
  • Modularity
    The core and the gui are well separated. An unstable version with an http gui is avaiable
  • ED2K and Magnet URI support
    It is planned to support popular URI schemes
  • Open Source
    The source is GPL and included in every package :) " --Gazzera
Note: This is a Private network only, since there is no anonymous connections to friends of friends.
"F2F networks that don't offer automatic anonymous forwarding are ordinary private P2P networks." --Wikipedia

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