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GigaTribe Logo"GigaTribe is proprietary freeware created by Shalsoft that allows users to create their own private peer-to-peer network. It was written in C++ and its 128-bit Blowfish encryption prevents anyone outside of an exchange from intercepting or identifying any files. GigaTribe users select folders on their hard-drive that they wish to share with friends within their network. Friends can then browse a user's hard-drive and copy (ie. download) files to their own hard-drive. A premium version exists which also give users the option to let members
of their network write files to their shared folders.

Nobody can join a user's network without his acceptance, and vice-versa; therefore, each user is his own network's administrator. Unlike other peer-to-peer networks where files are obtained from large numbers of unknown users, with GigaTribe users share files with people they know in a private network they've created.

GigaTribe features include: no limit as to the sizes of files or folders exchanged, interrupted file exchanges resume with no data loss when connections are re-established between users, chat-rooms (both private and public) between connected users, multi-source download (available in the premium version only), optional password protection of folders, different groups can be created (ie. "friends", "family", "co-workers", etc…) with the possibility of assigning different access rights to each group." --Wikipedia

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