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Kerjodando Logo"Kerjodando (beta) is a open-source user-friendly version of a popular file sharing program called ANts p2p.

Ants has been downloaded nearly 300 thousand times.

kerjodando can anonymously deliver high-quality files over the internet.

Our new site has been launched to provide a better digital entertainment experience whilst using kerjodando.

It allows the file sharing community, who use our software, to connect with friends old and new, to search for, download and enjoy digital entertainment.

Its Dargens uses kerjodando to do this.

Kerjodando is a free and open source anonymous peer-to-peer network project facilitating free speech and sharing information by combining encryption with peer-to-peer (P2P) technology.

Like no other anonymous P2P software, it allows users to share files and otherwise communicate without fear of legal sanctions or censorship.

The basic idea behind kerjodando is to build a P2P overlay on top of pre-existing trust relationships among Ants p2p and kerjodando p2p users. Each user acts as node in the overlay by running a copy of the kerjodando client software. Unlike existing P2P networks, kerjodando does not allow arbitrary nodes to connect and exchange information.

Instead, each user establishes secure channels with a limited number of other friends(private group) or other with a shared interest(public group) controlled by people he or she trusts (friends).

Each user can either create a public or PRIVATE group for friends old and new to connect to.

Only that user's trusted friends that know the address of the group (a unique hash code) can connect to that group.

Users can connect to two groups so making links that result a one large network connected by shared friends.

Kerjodando is a peer-to-peer architecture for safe sharing of sensitive data with full sender and receiver anonymity using only connections among trusted friends and friend of friends.

Technically, kerjodando is a friend-to-friend (F2F) network - a special type of peer-to-peer network in which all your communication goes via your trusted friends, and then to their friends, and so on, to the ultimate destination.

In the kerjodando overlay, both queries and results move hop by hop; the net result is that information or files are only exchanged between people that trust each other and the network connections among kerjodando friends is always encrypted. Consequently, a snooper or adversary has no way to determine who is requesting/providing information, and what that information is. Given this design, your kerjodando network offers a number of useful security properties, such as confined damage in case of node compromise, and resilience against denial of service attacks.

See your buddies' naughty photos. Hear their killer tunes. Be anonymous p2p buddies." --Errol Elliott

"The network is beta I am currently testing if you have time please test it out -just enter your port (leave blank if you don't understand) and then click start." --Errol Elliott

Note: Kerjodando is compatible with the existing ANts network.

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