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Marabunta Logo"It is a P2P platform for information exchanging among nodes in an anonymous way based on several communication algorithms called "Order and Chaos" which can be found in massive social organizations such as ant colonys.

The project was born in the University of Zaragoza, developed and promoted by students of computing engineering although developement groups and users from many different places seem to be interested because of the importance and the aim of the project.

Marabunta is the real implementation of the ideas explained in the Free Nets project APEIRON (Google Translation) and it has been made with these ideas on mind:


Communication between people avoiding central servers is allowed. So it is free from censure attacks, which are commonly launched from many governments and corporations that want to control the communications.


Anonymous communication is allowed. So we can access the contents without knowing the original source of the message.


Marabunta is the first project of this kind developed in Spain. As we said before, it was founded in Aragón but Marabunta is a project thought out to be used by everyone in the world, specially in countries where people have no freedom of speech, due to the fragility of centralized net models." --Marabunta

Note: The Marabunta client is available in Spanish only.

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