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New Proposal Would Require Identification to Buy Prepaid Cellphones
Civil liberties advocates have concerns about the proposal, saying there must be a role for anonymous communications in a free society.
Privacy advocates worry that prepaid cellphone registration might be a step toward something even more worrisome in their view: identity registration to access the Internet.
Court Case Shows Limits of Anonymous Blogging
Lawsuits against anonymous bloggers are common, but the courts generally protect the right to speak unnamed. Now, one Tennessee blogger is about to be unmasked.
Browse Anonymously on Your Android Phone With Tor
Now Android mobile phone owners can use Tor to browse privately on their handheld devices.
Security Boss Calls for End to Net Anonymity
Eugene Kaspersky... proposed the formation of an internet police body that would require users everywhere to be uniquely identified.
China Cracks Down on Tor Anonymity Network
For the first time, the Chinese government has attacked one of the best, most secure tools for surfing the Internet anonymously.
Appellate Court in D.C. Protects Anonymous Speech
The District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the highest court for cases arising in the District of Columbia, continued the recent trend of requiring defamation plaintiffs to meet an elevated legal standard when they serve a subpoena seeking the identity of an anonymous speaker.
Bozeman City Job Requirement Raises Privacy Concerns
Applying for a job with the City of Bozeman? You may be asked to provide more personal information than you expected.
New Bill Could Allow Police Access To Internet Service Providers
On Thursday Canada's Public Safety Minister, Peter Van Loan, will put forward a bill that could force Internet service providers to allow police access to digital conversations without a warrant.
Ruling on NightJack Author Richard Horton Kills Blogger Anonymity
Thousands of bloggers who operate behind the cloak of anonymity have no right to keep their identities secret, the High Court ruled yesterday.
The Dawning of Internet Censorship in Germany
Germany is on the verge of censoring its Internet: The government – a grand coalition between the German social democrats and conservative party – seems united in its decision.
Review-Journal Resists Subpoena for Names of Readers Who Posted Views
Free speech collides with fair trial.
E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress
The National Security Agency is facing renewed scrutiny over the extent of its domestic surveillance program.
Researchers Build Anonymous, Browser-Based 'Darknet'
Black Hat USA presentation will demonstrate how the latest browser technology makes underground, private Internet communities simpler to form, more secretive.
War on Piracy More Important Than Right To Privacy
The court said that the need to fight illicit file-sharers outweighs the need to protect an individual’s privacy on the Internet, and that the ends justified the means.
Psiphon May Knock Down the Great Firewall of China
The Ottawa man who led the team that recently busted "GhostNet," an international network of cyber espionage, has launched an attack on "the Great Firewall of China."
Dissent Made Safer
How anonymity technology could save free speech on the Internet.
US Mulls Stiffer Sentences for Common Net Proxies
"Proxy" servers are an everyday part of Internet surfing. But using one in a crime could soon lead to more time in the clink.
Beating Internet Censorship - The Canadian Way
New tools and techniques for bypassing online censors are being developed in Canada, and used around the world.
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