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    Anonymous file sharing and communication.      
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The following are some of the main anonymous programs available today and links to pages with more information about them.
Public network programs allow anyone with the program to be part of the network and provide anonymity for everyone on the network.
       ANts      Perfect Dark
       Freenet      Rodi
       GNUnet      RShare
       Marabunta      Share
       Mute      Sumi
       Nodezilla      Winny
       OFF System  
Private network programs provide anonymity from those outside the network, but not from those inside the network. These networks are basically as safe as the members invited into them. For more information about Private networks.
       Alliance      GigaTribe
       Direct Connect (when not using public hubs)      Hamachi
       ExoSee (when not using public communities)      Hybrid Share
       Gazzera      OnShare
Friend-to-friend (F2F) network programs provide anonymity from those outside the network and also from all those inside the network except for your direct friends (those who invited you or those who you invided into the network). For more information about Friend-to-friend networks.
       anoNet      OneSwarm
       Freenet (as of version 0.7)      Retroshare
       Galet      Turtle F2F
       GNUnet (with F2F topology enabled)      Waste (with ping packets disabled)
Anonymizing network layer is a network layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. Possible uses include anonymous surfing, chatting, blogging and file transfers. A VPN anonymizes your internet activity using a paid service. A web proxy allows for anonymous web surfing.
       I2P      Tor
       JAP      VPN
       Psiphon      Web Proxies
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