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Rodi Logo"Rodi P2P is a network supporting data search and download.

Rodi network provides some limited privacy features:

  • in the network setup, where IP spoofing is possible Rodi client can use spoofed IP address.
  • seeds can use bouncers to hide identity

Being based on the ideas of Bitorrent Rodi provides:

  • multiple sources download
  • rarest block first
  • snubbing of leachers
  • "torrent" files
Rodi is a free open source project (GNU-GPL license). Currently only Java implementation is available.

Rodi makes a promise to work from behind NATs and intelligent statefull firewalls. Rodi utilize DNS, RTP and HTTP tunneling to penetrate the firewalls. Rodi obfuscates IP protocols to work in the hostile environment where traffic shapers and traffic analyzers are installed.

Rodi supports both Java applet and standalone application modes." --larytet

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