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RShare Logo"RShare is an anonymous open-source peer-to-peer filesharing network.

Users of RShare are anonymous within the network. Nobody can recognize, who downloads what or offers which files. Neither the sender nor the receiver can be identified, since the clear allocation between a participant and its IP Address is impossible. Due to the strong encryption of all traffic it is not comprehensible, which kind of files are transferred.

At the moment RShare is only available for Microsoft Windows operating systems. However, versions for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X are in progress and will come soon.

Advantages of RShare
  • Anonymous and encrypted file sharing network and file sharing Client in one application.
  • Consistent renouncement of outdated file sharing standards and potentially dangerous technologies.
  • Very simple usability.
  • Matured search functionality and functions to comment the quality of files.
  • Resumption of interrupted Downloads.
  • Up-to-date and responding user interface.
  • RShare is open-source. So it offers the certainty, that it does not contain any hidden functions." --RShare

Note: Requires Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

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StealthNet is now the standard client for the RShare network.

"StealthNet is based on the original RShare client and has been enhanced by a developer team who consists of Planet Peer community members." --StealthNet

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