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Sumi LogoSUMI is a new file sharing program that aims for total anonymity for the uploader. It is a work in progress; although anonymous file transfer works there are some rough edges. SUMI is the first P2P program to use IP spoofing with proxied acknowledgement.

  • Anonymous serving with adjustable source addresses
  • No proxies needed = no slow down
  • Resuming
  • Cross-platform client GUI
  • Open source
  • UDP, ICMP direct, ICMP echo modes (use any pingable host as a proxy)
  • Integrate with mIRC, xchat, AIM, or Tor
  • XDCC-like server file listing
  • Optional raw socket proxy and raw socket priviledge seperation program for better security
  • Strong Cryptography
  • Torrent-like .sumi files (in 0.8.13 or newer) --SUMIWiki

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