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Winny LogoWinny is a file sharing software aiming to accomplish high throughput and annonymity, with simple Bullitain Board System.

Winny provides three key features, such as protect users privacy, better file transfer speed, and increased accessibility of downloadable files. And Its unique function are automatic download and "Clusternization"

"Clusterization" is the unique idea of Winny, and it has done in order to raise the ease of obtaining of a file. The Winny users which exist in near in the network connect each other mutually. Since there is no central server in Winny network, file information is not manageable unitary. Winny has taken the method of collecting file information from surrounding users. However, if the scale of a network becomes large, the exchange infomations with a long distance users will become difficult. For solution of this problem, Winny will divide group of users who like same kind of files called "cluster". If you join right claster,You may obtain files more easily.

Protection of privacy for Winny user is not so perfect as Freenet. Freenet system is complicated and its CPU load is high but Winny is simple, CPU load is lower than freenet, and the transfer speed of a file is much higher than freenet.

Bittorent perform more transfer speed than Winny. But user's privacy is open to the other person in the network. eDonkey may be can more easily obtain target file than Winny. However, the transmission speed of eDonkey is so late compared with Winny and no privacy protection.

Note: Winny is no longer under developement. Winny users are recommended to use Share instead.

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